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A baby carrier library and carrying consultancy providing advice and supporting you to find and fit the best baby carrier or sling for you and your little one(s).

A well fitted, comfortable carrier can make a world of difference by giving you back your hands whilst baby sleeps on you, helping to soothe in those difficult times, the freedom of buggy-free travel as well as just making the most of those close snuggles as your baby grows!

But the key is finding the right one for you! And getting the right advice to ensure you get the most out of it.

I'm Charlene - a mum of three experienced baby-wearer, Slingababy certified babywearing consultant and I'm here to help take the guesswork out of finding and using the best carrier for you and your baby.

£15 - 30 Minute Consultation

£30 - 60 Minute Consultation

£45 - 90 Minute Consultation

£70 - Bump to Baby

Group Consultations

Any Questions?

Designed for more confident baby wearers, looking for either a refresher course or to troubleshoot smaller issues and/or try on one or two different carriers. It can also be arranged for you to use this time to look at a wider range of carriers in the comfort of your own home.

Suitable for someone who is looking to try 2/3 simple carriers or for a more experienced baby wearer who is looking to brush up on existing skills.

Best for someone who has never carried before, or someone who wants to perfect their skills/techniques for a certain carrier.

Bespoke consultation focusing on what you need most, please contact us for more information.

- 60 minutes before baby's birth covering the benefits of babywearing and different sling options available, looking at and trying a few different carriers out.

- a further 90 minutes upon baby's arrival including 4 weeks free hire of either a stretchy or caboo. Covering infant positioning, practicing with a weighted demo doll, and your baby if you wish.

- Optional upgrade to carrier of choice instead of the stretchy or caboo £10 for the 4 weeks.

Paired and Group Consultations - £25 per family (minimum of 2 families). This type of consultation is designed for groups of similar aged babies.

Consultation time varies depending on how many families book on, minimum of 90 minutes for 2 families.

If you are interested in booking a group consultation, for either a group you already have or if you would like me to try and pair you, please get in touch.

If you have any questions about any of our packages or if you'd like to discuss a more bespoke package for you, please pop us a message on our Facebook, Instagram or

E-Mail found below, we are always happy to chat!

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